Minimum requirements and recommendations for 3D models

Minimum requirements:

  • GLTF file in a binary format (i.e. file with *.glb extension)
  • Size: max 200 MB
  • Supported GLTF extensions:
    • KHR_texture_basisu (recommended extension – texture compression)
    • KHR_materials_unlit (supported, but not required as all materials in Kroscloud are treated as unlit)
  • Unsupported GLTF extensions:
    All GLTF extensions not listed as supported are officialy NOT supported. If you see an error message when uploading such an asset, remove the non-supported extension from your file and try again.
    Because of compatibility issues and poor mobile device performance we do not support DRACO mesh compression.

General recommendations:

  • Keep max file size around 50MB
  • Keep max vertex count around 1 000 000
  • Textures:
    Textures are crucial. Keep in mind that even your textures are in JPG, PNG or other compressed format, they need to be fully decompressed to be used in 3D renderer. It means their memory footprint will significantly raise up. For example 4k texture (4096x4096) has in JPG format around 4MB – but decompressed one needs around 90MB of memory. With many textures you can easily hit memory limits – especially on mobile devices.
    Because of that, we generally recommend to stay up to 4x 4k (4096x4096) textures if you are not using skybox (pano image) as a background, or 3x 4k textures plus skybox. It gives you the best compatibility/quality ratio and quarantees your scenes will be accessible even on older mobile devices.
    Of course if you dont want to support mobile devices, you can go much higher with the texture resolution. There is also a viewer parameter that forbid access from mobile devices and display a friendly message to open it on desktop instead.