Minimum requirements and recommendations for panoramic images

Minimum requirements:

  • JPG image in an equirectangular format
  • Power of two dimension (8192x4096, 4096x2048, 2048x1024, 1024x512...)

General recommendations:

  • Recommended resolution for a panoramic scene is 8192x4096
  • Recommended resolution for a panoramic background is 4096x2048
  • Keep an eye on a file size, as large files hugely affect user experience with long loading times. We recommend 5MB at most, use bigger JPG compression if a file is bigger
  • The resolution must be an exact match of power of two. If the resolution is different, image is resized to the nearest lower power of two resolution (for example if file is 8000x4000 its resized to 4096x2048)