How to create image points of interest

Image points of interest are used to display 2D graphics like photos and drawings on top of your 3D or panoramic scenes. It allows you to combine photorealistic 3D scans with classic photographs, floor plans, sketches etc. to give your visitors complete visual experience (along with the other types of point of interest – info points, panoramic points and video points)

Quick how to:

  • Prepare the image you want to add to your scene (3D or panoramic)

    Image format: JPG
    Resolution: up to 3000x3000px (Recommended - Kroscloud doesn’t restrict usage of even larger images, but be aware that larger images can cause problems on mobile or other low-resource devices.)

  • Open the editor for the scene you want to add the image point to
  • Click on the Points of interest menu
  • To add new point, double click on a place, where you want to create the point approximately. You will move the point and fine-tune it's position later, so you do not have to worry about the position too much at the moment
  • "Add new point of interest" dialog will appear, select „Image point“ tab
  • Drag&drop your prepared image to the upper area, or you can click on the „Click here to open file dialog“ and select the image at the file dialog
  • Fill in the title of the image and optional description. Title is mandatory and is displayed when a user hover over the image point. The description is displayed over the image itself when the user clicks on the point and the image is displayed
  • Click on the Icon setting and adjust the point’s icon and its size
  • Click on Save button
  • The new image point has been created. Now you can turn on the "Rearrange mode" (switch at the top of Points of interest menu) and adjust its position – by clicking on it and dragging.
  • Optionally you can also set a camera position for the image point, so when the user clicks on it, camera will be adjusted to the selected position. To align the 3D view with the image. You do so by moving the camera in the editor to the desired position, clicking on the point’s menu and selecting "Set a camera"

And thats it, now you can open the public viewer and enjoy your scene with the new image point.