Pix4D vs Agisoft Metashape

Pix4Dmapper was the the very first photogrammetry software we used for creating our 3D models. It is undoubtedly a very capable software, but if you are purely interested in generating 3D models using photogrammetry, its results are far away from being perfect.

The biggest problem we had was the reconstruction of sharp edges - corners of walls, roofs, etc. In Pix4D they were almost always very noisy and when texturing the background texture was often superimposed on them.

We immediately came across Agisoft Metashape (formerly Photoscan) and gave it a try. The first results when generating the model from depth maps were breathtaking compared to Pix4D. The difference was significant. Agisoft Metashape generated much cleaner 3D model compared to Pix4D. The edges were much better represented and the model was generally much less noisy.

We never went back to Pix4D after that. After some time with Metashape, we discovered Reality Capture, which was another in the quality of our 3D models. However, the difference between Metashape and RealityCapture was not so big and we use both software in parallel. In some areas Metashape is better (texture reprojection for example), while in others Reality Capture reigns supreme (complex meshes with very high poly count).

This article is in no way a review and direct comparison of photogrammetry software, we just wanted to quickly share our experience and our way through the land of 3D scanning.

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