Unlock the full potential of our unique features

Unlimited points of interest, translations, layers, more space or even UI customization and custom branding. With a commercial licence for all paid plans.


5GB storage space
Unlimited uploads per month
Camera limits
Custom backgrounds
10 points of interest
2 layers
2 public folders


€ 9
per month
(VAT may apply)

25GB storage space
Unlimited points of interest
Unlimited layers
Unlimited public folders
Unbranded viewer
2 languages
Commercial licence


€ 49
per month
(VAT may apply)

150GB storage space
Protected scenes
UI customization
Custom branding
Unlimited languages

Compare features

Free Premium Business
Storage space 5GB 25GB 150GB
Views / month unlimited
(For personal usage)
unlimited unlimited
Max file size 200MB 200MB 200MB
(200MB gltf file roughly equals to 500MB obj file)
Camera limits
(limit camera in all three axes)
Custom backgrounds
(solid color, image, panoramic (skybox))
Points of interest
(info, panoramic, image or video)
10 unlimited unlimited
Pano & image points per scene
3 unlimited unlimited
Layers 2 unlimited unlimited
Public folders 2 unlimited unlimited
Languages only english 2 unlimited
No content from others
Easy embedding
Commercial use
Unbranded viewer
Protected scenes
UI customization
Custom branding