From Reality Capture to your website

RealityCapture is a versatile software that creates ultra-realistic 3D models from photos and/or laser scans. It’s a powerful tool that allows you to transform visual data into detailed 3D assets and environments.

But it is one thing to generate such a model and quite another to get it into your customers' web browsers or visitors of your site.

Sharing complex 3D models on websites presents several challenges, but the benefits of immersive content often outweigh these obstacles. Let’s explore some of the common challenges:

  • Browsers and Devices: Not all browsers and devices handle 3D elements uniformly. Some may lack support for certain 3D effects or technologies, leading to inconsistencies in the design
  • Processing Power: 3D elements demand higher processing power, which can strain less capable devices.
  • Large File Sizes: Complex 3D models can result in large file sizes. Loading such files may take longer, affecting user experience.
  • Optimization: Optimizing models for web performance is crucial. High polygon counts can lead to slow rendering and performance issues.
  • Navigation Complexity: Users may find it challenging to navigate complex 3D scenes. Providing intuitive controls and clear instructions is essential.

So before exporting a 3D model from Reality Capture, the model must be properly prepared for publishing on the web. Read more about the necessary steps in our article on exporting the model from Reality Capture

After exporting the 3D model and importing it into Kroscloud, you can set up everything you need in your 3D scene - add points of interest, photos or panoramic scenes and then insert the 3D scene into your own webpages using the IFrame tag. Just as easy as working with a YouTube video, for example. Finally, you can share your 3D model from Reality Capture with the world, plus enrich it with unique elements such as panoramic scenes or photos. Not to mention advanced features like changing the viewer colors or protected scenes - feature that allows to place your 3D scene behind paywall and control who is able to view it.

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