Why Kroscloud

Sharing photogrammetry 3D assets at any web browser requires a specific set of features. As existing web services has been created for classic - polymodel based 3D content, we wanted to offer a completely new set of tools for sharing 3D scans and photogrammetry created scenes .

These days also vast majority of visitors use mobile devices. That is why Kroscloud’s Viewer has been built with Mobile-First in mind, allowing viewing complex 3D scenes on every device. Thanks to its unlit renderer, even low powered devices – like cheaper or older smartphones, are able to handle and display feature rich 3D scenes.

User accounts have feature-rich folder structure, that allows you to easily create public pages with related content and share them, but our main focus was on easy and seamless embedding to your webpages and applications. All you need is a simple Iframe tag. No javascript, no additional libraries, just one tag. As easy as to embed Youtube video. Embedding Kroscloud’s 3D viewer cannot be easier. But of course, You can share your content also with simple web link.

For embedding to non-english webpages you can localize the viewer. It means all the UI, buttons, help, your content, everything will be in the correct language. That’s truly seamless embedding.

Panoramic points of interest

This is really unique Kroscloud’s feature. It allows you to upload panoramic 360° images along the 3D scan and connect them with panoramic points of interests. So users can switch a view from the 3D to a panoramic image. This is great for inside views, or places where you want to give your users more details than 3D scan can provide.


Kroscloud’s Layers allow you to dynamically switch visibility of individual items in your 3D file. For example you can have a floor plan image of the building along its 3D scan and your users can switch between them. Or you can have two different 3D models of the same building, but from different times. This is great for culture heritage projects. But use cases of this feature are endless.